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What Are Leadership Training Camps?

Remember those transformative school camps where you learned teamwork, built confidence, and maybe even roasted the perfect marshmallow?

Lauren Clemett remembers!

Growing up at a YMCA camp in New Zealand, she witnessed firsthand the power of leadership development.

Now, she's the Brand Navigator and is bringing the magic of magnetic leadership to your team!

YMCA Camp Adair had a unique way of attracting and creating amazing leaders.

  • Each week of the school holidays, hundreds of children stayed at the camp, and the older ones were invited to attend leadership training camps.
  • From there, the kids would become junior leaders, given more responsibility and training while they were guided by experienced leaders.
  • As they developed, they then became leaders themselves, taking on responsibility for others attending the camps, and helping to encourage and train more junior leaders.
  • Then they became staff members - the aunties and uncles of the camp.

This natural, effective and sustainable method ensured a steady flow of leaders who were encouraged and supported to develop self confidence, respect, positivity and a true sense of team leadership.

That's what we'll do with your next leadership training camp!

  • Fully immersive 2 hour leadership training conducted at your event
  • Pre-event quiz to inspire and motivate change and development
  • Interactive, fun and insightful exercise to improve communication and confidence
  • Keynote presentation including role play and examples to follow
  • Printed copies of the best-selling, award-winning guidebook
  • Downloadable planner and workbook to implement what your leaders learn to sustain their growth

Tired of constantly pushing your team?

People are starting their own businesses because they crave more: more income, more flexibility, and more time with family. They're ditching the 9-to-5, but are your leaders self-motivated so they guide others to success or do they need constant encouragement?

Lauren's Leadership Training Camp is an immersive experience designed to ignite your team's leadership potential and make them self sufficient leaders.

Just like those unforgettable school camps, we'll develop your leaders communication skills, build unwavering confidence, and empower them to become a magnetic force, attracting and building high-performing, self driven teams.

Step Up To Success:

Give them the tools to navigate the challenges of leadership and conquer the summit of success.

Navigate a Noisy World:

Equip them with a map and compass to charter the ever-changing landscape of social media & marketing.

Blaze a Trail for Success:

Empower them to take ownership as self-motivated driven team leaders who help everyone achieve their goals.

Ditch the Comfort Zone:

Watch them step outside their comfort zone and step up to reach their full potential. leading with confidence.

Included in your leadership training:

Personal Communications Style quiz & interactive exercise

An insightful and fun way to learn about personal leadership traits, and how to identify them in others.
Your leaders complete the quiz pre-event, then we deep-dive into the results, splitting them into groups to complete a task that highlights their communication style as leaders.

The ah-ha moments and learnings from this alone will be talked about for weeks and months after the event!

Give the quiz a try yourself to see how it works:

Immersive, engaging and impactful keynote presentation

Award winning author and personal branding specialist Lauren Clemett will deliver a professional keynote presentation, combining what your leaders have learned about themselves, examples and neurobranding insights with action steps to help them naturally attract the right people into their teams.

The leadership development easily rolls out into their teams and the learnings have long-term impact.

Award-winning, best-selling guidebook

Finding Your Brand True North is an award-winning best-seller, with the entire process to follow around the personal brand compass, with examples and action steps. We can either include copies of the book for each of your leaders attending the event fee or lauren can sell these separately after her presentation. 

Mapping it out with a marketing action planner

Learning about leadership at a conference or leadership event is great, but taking action and implementing what you learn is where the results really happen. There's nothing better than giving your leaders a guide to follow!
The marketing action planner, outlined in the training is provided as a downloadable asset, and the links for this, along with the Personal Communications Style workbook are provided to you to send out as a follow up to your event.

What people are saying

We were blown away with Lauren's passion and what she brought to our leaders, clearing through the noise and overwhelm and setting them on a path to move forward with their businesses.

Sinead Pollock Plexus Australia

Laughter, leaning, note taking and the ah-ha moments - All a huge testament to how energetic and fun Lauren is. Her content is so engaging and useful - our team are still talking about what they learnt.

Celine Egan JuicePlus

The energy and connection Lauren has with an audience is both memorable and inspiring. In direct selling, we often speak about knowing your “why” - Lauren’s skill is teaching leaders how to calibrate their own compasses.

Paul Seitz Direct Selling Association

Lauren Clemett - The Brand Navigator

Lauren delivers a motivational and engaging approach to helping leaders stand out. With a unique blend of award winning personal branding and neurobranding insight, she guides them to explore a totally different and exciting way to create marketing that matters.

Many refer to her incredible energy and enthusiasm as a keynote speaker and everyone remarks about the pages of notes and ideas they take away to implement along with the mind-blowing 'ah-ha' moments and laughs, that give them total clarity, direction and motivation.

If you have an audience that wants total interaction with entertaining insight into consumer behaviour and why people connect, engage, follow and buy from leaders, Lauren is the keynote speaker you have been looking for.

Lauren is the ideal speaker to energise your audience to engage with every aspect of your event, or to close out and inspire them to implement what they have learned.

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