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In an uncertain world it's time To Get Back On Track and CONFIDENTLY Sustain Business With A brand message That Means Something!

Many businesses offer extraordinary services and products but they are treading a rocky road, managing rough peaks and gloomy valleys of inconsistency.

Let's not beat around the bush matter how much a business invests in a brand strategy if everyone is on a different path and no one is motivated to follow the map, the message gets lost.

In a noisy, uncertain and overwhelming world, leading businesses cannot afford to disappear.

It's time to get your leaders back on track to CONFIDENTLY stand out from the crowd with DIRECTION and PURPOSE!

What if you could energise, motivate and inspire your team to find their Brand True North, aligning their personal brand with the business brand values, so they can go out on a limb and take consistent action to promote the business more effectively; connecting and engaging customers?

With this clarity, drive and self-belief, they can create marketing that matters, and be instantly recognised as the #1 in their industry, with ideal customers spending more $$$ more regularly, and attracting the best talent, with a team blazing a trail as leaders in their space.

...Trouble is, most business owners and leaders simply don't like marketing, they are worn out with webinars, zoom fatigued, demotivated by social media, and think it's a waste of time and money.

Most leaders in business fail to follow a marketing plan or promote the business because they can't sustain a motivated marketing effort.
But what if they...

  • Clearly knew their personal brand values and how that aligns effortlessly with the business brand.
  • See the signs and follow the marketing plan instead of going off on tangents, getting lost and distracted,
  • Have the drive, energy and patience to consistently lead the way and stay the course to success.
  • Step up with clarity and confidence to stand out as a trailblazer and a leader, promoting the business with ease. 
  • Move strategically to get sustainable results instead of procrastinating, giving up or getting bored easily.
  • Stop wasting time and money on stuff that doesn’t work and start striding out with purpose and direction,

Then they will become...

Well Known, Well Paid And Wanted!

The Fastest Way For Business Leaders To DISCOVER The Power Of Aligning Their Personal Brand With The Business Brand, So They Can Confidently Step Up With A Clear PURPOSE And DIRECTION For Marketing, Promoting And Selling Their Services. 

FINDING YOUR BRAND TRUE NORTH: If your team have lost their way, or the business lacks brand purpose, the fastest way for business leaders to get back on track is to DISCOVER the power of a BRAND, so they can align their personal brand VALUES and the business DIRECTION, with a clear PURPOSE for promoting, selling and CONNECTING with customers:

NORTH: Discover your purpose and direction to NATURALLY and consistently cut through the NOISE of an overcrowded, overwhelming marketplace and get NOTICED with marketing that matters.

$OUTH: Promote the value of the brand using Neurobranding SCIENCE to resonate and engage with prospects, easily converting them into high paying customers and more $$$ for your business.

WEST: Create more impact by easily explaining exactly WHAT your business does differently, WHAT problems you solve and WHY someone should choose your brand of products or services.

EAST: Confidently and EFFECTIVELY and take action, stepping up as the credible leader, standing out for how you uniquely EXECUTE your EXPERTISE with EASE.

Conference and event audiences will walk away understanding the power of a cut-through brand and be motivated to head in the right direction with consistent and meaningful marketing that matters.

They will be reinvigorated with passion and purpose to take action steps to implement tangible, effective activities, so they can navigate an overwhelming world of sales and promotion, creating content that stands out from the crowd and be rewarded as credible and respected business leaders, forging ahead with a map to follow, naturally attracting the right clients with ease.

After hearing Laurens keynote presentation, marketing and promoting business as a leader will be a walk in the park!




keynote topics

Find Your Brand True North

The fastest way for business leaders to discover the power of their brand so they can confidently step up with a clear purpose and direction for marketing and selling their services.

Well Known, Well Paid And Wanted

Target the right prospects with the perfect avatar, creating an avalanche of influence and a brand reputation that naturally attracts ideal customers who want expert services.

Follow The MAP - Marketing Action Plan

Confidently and consistently promote professional services with unique and captivating marketing content and social media that is irresistibly attractive to the right clients.

Recognition, Reputation & Respect

How to build a personal brand, stop wasting time and money on marketing that doesn’t work and start on the path to being the stand out business leaders.

The Brand Navigator - Lauren Clemett

Growing up in the bush and being told as a child that she had wordblindness and wouldn't be able to read or write didn't stop Lauren going on to become a 5 time best selling author and multiple award winner, using her dyslexia as her greatest asset - helping business leaders understand how the brain sees brands so they can navigate through a noisy and overwhelming world.

With 3 decades in leading advertising agencies and multiple awards for brand management and Neurobranding, she is the sought after personal branding specialist, appearing in worldwide media and on hundreds of podcasts, summits and conferences and events. 

The Brand Navigator, Lauren Clemett will guide your audience, giving them a clear direction to communicate a consistent brand and marketing message, so they confidently take action as stand out leaders in business, naturally attracting raving fan customers and being well known, well paid and wanted.

"You can't help every Mary in the dairy! It's time to Find Your Brand True North And Stand Out As the go-to leader."

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Money, Sales, Travel, Finance & Property Conferences

Financial and Investment Advisors, Travel Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants & Bookkeepers, Insurance Consultants or Real Estate sales teams who want to stand-out and lead with a marketing message that sets them apart from the competition. These are consultants who want to create a brand reputation attracting loyal clients and raving fans who love the level of service and will constantly refer others.

Franchises, Members Organisations & Association Events

Business Leaders and entrepreneurs who want to leverage their brand to its fullest extent. New and established brands who need to consistently connect with their ideal audience and be more influential. Business leaders looking for credibility as the best in their space, known, recognised and irresistibly attractive to the right clients, remarkable and respected, successful, in-demand and profitable.

Consulting & Professional Services Conventions

Professional service providers who want to become industry leaders by easily explaining what they do and why ideal clients should choose them. Mentors, coaches and service providers who are sick of exchanging time for money and need a brand profile to attract perfect clients. Those in the business of helping others who need to create an effective message that increases their impact and earns them higher paying clients. 


What Makes Lauren Different?

Lauren delivers a unique approach to helping businesses stand out in an overwhelming marketplace, with award winning Neurobranding and marketing insight that explores a totally different, fun and exciting way to understand the power of the brand.

Many refer to her incredible energy and enthusiasm as a keynote speaker and everyone remarks about the pages of notes and ideas they take away to implement along with the mind-blowing 'ah-ha' moments and laughs, that give them total clarity, direction and motivation for their marketing, promotions, advertising, social media, content creation and sales activities.

If you have an audience that wants total interaction with entertaining insight into consumer behaviour and why people buy, as well as proven know-how and action steps they can use instantly to market and promote their business, Lauren is the keynote speaker you have been looking for.

Lauren is the ideal speaker to energise your live or virtual event so that your audience engages with every aspect, or to close out and totally inspire them to take steps and implement what they learn.

My team and I had the pleasure of working with Lauren Clemett as the MC and Keynote presenter at our national conference, and I must say how valuable and helpful the information was that she shared. Lauren is fun and her presentation style is very engaging which my team really enjoyed. After the conference I had great feedback from my team about the lessons learnt and the many valuable tips that they were able to implement immediately.

Brett Blair

General Manager & Australian Divisional Franchisor, Jim’s Pool Care

Lauren delivered an engaging presentation to our Franchise Partners at the HydroKleen National Conference. She is extremely knowledgeable and her presentation skills are outstanding. Lauren engaged all our Franchise Partners with her topic of ‘'Avalanche of Influence’. This subject was extremely relevant for our Franchise Partners and HydroKleen have received very positive feedback on Lauren’s presentation based on the information and the value received.

Sharon Jurd Greg Young


The epitome of professionalism with content, flexibility and availability to make any event a success! It was a pleasure to work with Lauren and we certainly received lots of positive feedback and look forward to working with her again.

Larrissa Kostoglou

Kyocera Document Solutions

Lauren is an outstanding speaker encouraging lots of laughs and great interaction. Her keynote has lots of ‘golden nuggets’ to get you inspired and her presentation is very informative about marketing your business the right way.

Toula Scott

The Australian Academy Of Business

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